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Frequently Asked Questions

MGYFA Overview

1) What is MGYFA?
    The Maple Grove Youth Football Association (MGYFA) is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to offering young people in K through 8th grades an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of football, the value of teamwork and to have fun doing it. The program has been designed, with parents' help, to contribute to the development of the young person's:

    Sense of Achievement
    Leadership Skills
    Positive Self-Image
    Social Skills
    Sense of Teamwork
    Appreciation For What The Body Can Do

2) Is it tackle or flag football?

  • 1st through 3rd graders play flag football
  • 4th - 8th graders play tackle football

3) Who is on the board?
    All of the board members are parents of current or former MGYFA players.  MGYFA is closely associated with the Maple Grove High School football program and is represented by Coach Lombardi.    Visit the Board of Directors page for a complete list of current board members.
4) Who can play for MGYFA?
    Any youth in Maple Grove (boy or girl) and the surrounding area in 1st - 8th grades during the football season is welcome to play.  
5) Who should I contact if I have questions?
    Send an email to or visit the 'Board of Directors' page to see more potential contacts.
6) What about safety?
    At MGYFA, we take the safety of our players very seriously.  All coaches must have a background check and perform concussion training before they can coach a team.  EMTs are present at all games and practices.

Fernbrook FieldsĀ 


1) What are the Details of the facility?

  • Four full 100 yard fields with Coolfill turf (no more scorching hot playing surfaces);
  • Ability to paint temporary lines for the 80-yard fields used by our younger players – true sidelines;
  • Lighting – fully lit facility for expanded programing;
  • MGYFA Exclusive Rights During the Season – MGYFA has exclusive rights to the field from August 1- October 31 on  Monday through Thursday nights starting at 5:00pm.  We also have the first right to reservations on the weekends. Maple Grove Lacrosse and MapleBrook Soccer have the same agreement from April 1 – July 31;
  • Expanded Facilities – Restrooms/Concessions, Picnic Shelter, Warm Up Area, Playground/Park.

2) Benefits to MGYFA

  • Field Quality – Weather is no longer a limiting factor for games and practices;
  • Lighted Fields -- Lit fields allow us to better manage practice times and expand program offerings as a result;
  • Parking and traffic – Staggering practice times allows MGYFA to better manage traffic flow.  We no longer have 450 players being dropped off/picked up at the same time.
  • Overall facilities – the park, playground, concessions and shelter at the fields will create a much more inviting environment for families that choose to spend practice at the facility.
  • Expanded programing –  Fernbrook Fields have increased MGYFA's ability to offer new programming.   


Football Registration

1) How do I register my child?
  Use this website to register and pay to enroll in the program.
2) When is registration open?
    Registration typically opens in April and closes just prior to the start of the season to allow for team formation.
4) What if I miss the registration deadline?
    Please contact us at to see if there time to get your child into the program.


1) What equipment is supplied by MGYFA?
    MGYFA supplies all helmets to all 4th - 8th grade. All helmets are certified and fitted to each player. Helmets are not required for flag football players (K-2), and 7 on 7 players (3rd Grade) are required to purchase a soft shell helmet).  If you already have a helmet, consider donating it to MGYFA when the season is complete.
2) What equipment do I need to own?
    For 4th - 8th grade, the following items are required (for more information, go to the Equipment Page):
     - Mouth Guard
     - Shoulder Pads
     - Black pants with required pads
     - Shoes with molded, one piece cleats
     - Protective cup
     - Practice jerseys

3) Where can I purchase the equipment I need?
   All equipment can be purchased through our Online Store when available, or through MGYFA partners All Star Sports in New Hope or Dave's Sport Shop in Maple Grove. In addition, most sporting goods stores will carry the required equipment.


1) Where are practices held?
Practices are held at the New Fernbrook Fields adjacent to the Maple Grove Sr High Stadium.
2) What date do practices start?
For Tackle Grades 4 - 8, Practices will begin in August on the same Monday that the Minnesota State High School League identifies as the first practice (generally three weeks prior to Memorial Day). Evaluations will occur the week beforehand and helmet checkout just prior to that.

For non-Contact Grades 1-3, practice will generally start the week prior to Memorial Day.

4) How many practices per week should I expect?

Prior to school starting, we practice 4 days per week, on Mondays through Thursdays. Once school starts, we will move to 3 practices per week, generally Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. In the event of a holiday or a varsity game falling on a scheduled practice night, we may adjust to have a Wednesday practice. There may also be a weeknight game during the week that would take the place of a practice.

5) What time do practices start?
Practices will be staggered based on grades to allow for less traffic in the parking lot for pick up and drop offs. Once teams are formed we will have a final schedule for practices, however plan on younger ages starting between 5:30-6:00 and older ages starting between 7:00 and 7:15.

Team Formation

1) How are teams formed?
    1st - 3rd grade teams are formed based on schools, and mixing teams with two or three different school groups. No "friend requests" are allowed.    

   4th - 8th grade teams are formed using an equidraft process (as mandated by the Lake Minnetonka Athletic Association) which aims to create evenly matched teams.  Participation in the LMAA strictly prohibits the creation of an A, B, and C team.  All  member associations  MUST follow guidelines set by the LMAA when constructing teams.
2) When does the equidraft process happen?
    Typically, the week prior to the first week of practice.    

3) What happens if my 4th - 8th grader misses the equidraft evaluation?
    We encourage all players to be present, but all players who miss evaluations are given a rating by the coaches based on their knowledge of your player's football skills. If no one present is familiar with your player, he will be placed in the pool with a nominal rating. In either case, he is assigned to a team in the same manner as any other player.

4) When will I be notified about the coaches and team for my child?
    You will be notified within days of teams being formed.  This is typically just prior to the start of practices.

Football Season

1) When does the football season start and end?
The first practices of practices begin on the Monday that is three weeks prior to Memorial Day. Our final games are scheduled for the weekend prior to the traditional MEA Weekend in October.

2) How many games are played?

  • 1st - 3rd graders play 6 games on Saturdays during the season from the Saturday following Memorial Day until the Saturday prior to MEA Weekend.
  • 4th thru 8th graders play 8 games, generally the first game will be a weeknight game the week prior to Memorial Day with games scheduled on Saturdays (and potentially another weeknight game) through the weekend before MEA.

Note: Weather and outside factors have an impact on scheduling.  Although LMAA and MGYFA make every effort to provide a full schedule, it is possible that fewer games may be played.

3) Who do we play?
    4th - 8th grade Maple Grove teams do not play other Maple Grove teams.  MGYFA is a member of the Lake Minnetonka Athletic Association (LMAA), along with  Wayzata, Minnetonka, Hopkins, St. Louis Park & Edina.

  1st -3rd Flag is a house league and plays other teams within the organization. 

4) What days are games played?
    Most games take place on Saturday, but you should expect to play a limited number on weeknights as well.  The schedule varies from team-to-team, and from year-to-year, and is assigned by the LMAA.  See the practice schedule for details. 
5) Is there a playoff?
    LMAA views itself as a teaching league.  Accordingly, no standings are kept and no playoffs or championship games are held.  That said, a 7th and 8th grade jamboree have been held on the final Saturday in an attempt to celebrate the end of the season, with LMAA attempting to create competitive matchups for all teams.


1) Can I be a coach?
    Yes, you can register to be a coach.  All coaches are required to undergo a background check, complete concussion training, Trust Coaches training, and complete an application.  See the coaching page for more information.
2) How are coaches selected?
    Many criteria are used to select coaches.  Coaching experience, football knowledge, the ability to connect to players and many other factors are considered.  MGYFA places significant emphasis upon a coach's ability to conduct themself professionally and to positive promote LMAA, MGYFA and, most importantly, the community of Maple Grove.

Coaches are reviewed by players' families at the end of each season.  Feedback is factored into the decision--although not the sole criteria--about whether a coach is invited back the following season.



DIBS are a way for each parent to chip in and help the organization where needed.  It takes many hours and hands to accomplish everything we do and the board members, directors and coaches can not do it alone.  There are no paid positions with the organization, everything is accomplished though volunteer hours.

  • What is required:   2 hours per family for Tackle Aged players, regardless of the number of players playing within the organization. 
  • Can I buy out:  Yes, you can buy out of DIBS for $100 dollars.
  • What if I don't buy out:  We will collect a $100 deposit check for all players, regardless of if they bought out of DIBS or not.  This check will act as both a helmet deposit and a DIBS deposit, and it will be destroyed once your 2-hour commitment is fulfilled and your helmet is returned.  If your 2 hours are not fulfilled by December 1, your check will be cashed.
  • What sort of opportunities are available:  Multiple opportunities are available each year.  These include equipment check-out and check-in, player evaluations, weigh-in, team photos as well as several others.  We have well over 500 hours of volunteer opportunities available each season.
  • Do Coaches also have a DIBS requirement:  All Badged assistants will be credited with fulfilling their DIBS.