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Registration for the Fall 2021 Season is Now Open for Grade 1-8


Non-Contact Grades 1-3 Registration Link 


Contact Grades 4-8 Link 

The MGYFA Football Development Model Grades K-8

MGYFA Offers a variety of football program aligned to the USA Football Development Model.  Our program starts as early as Kindergarten with Non-Contact and Progresses through two levels of Contact Football.

MGYFA is a development league that ensures 50% playing time for all athletes and the ability to play a variety of positions.  All coaches are certified to current standards for youth coaches and tackle coaches receive USA Footballs Heads Up Coaches training. 

Non-Contact (Flag and 7v7)

K - $ Free - Registration Opens in the Fall 

Free Development Program with held one night per week focusing on the fundamental skills and game play in football.  Concludes the second half with live flag scrimmages. 

1st & 2nd Grade: Flag $99

The MGYFA flag house program engages players in team competition including 1-2 night per week of practice and games on Saturdays at Fernbrook Fields. Play structure, defensive philosophy and advancing skills are applied at this level.   Teams are formed by elementary school. 

Season runs from Sept 13th - October 16th with one practice per week and games on Saturdays

3rd Grade: 7v7 $125

Continuing to further develop our athletes 7v7 mirrors the game played by High-school thru professional levels when looking to develop skills without the contact.  The speed of the game and crisp execution of football skills is introduced as well as the requirement of softshell helmets.  Teams are formed by elementary school.

Season runs from Sept 13th - October 16th with two practices per week and games on Saturdays

Contact (Rookie and Senior Tackle)

Contact introducing players to full contact tackle football while progressing certain elements of the game at they get older.   Teams are formed through an equidraft process that aims to build teams of equal strength.  All games are played against other organizations within the Lake Minnetonka Athletic Association LMAA

Season runs August 8th - October 16th

Helmet checkout August 8th 

Player Evals August 10th and 11th

First Practice August 16th

Weigh-in August 23rd

First Games August 30th  

4th - 6th Grade: Rookie Tackle $249

In rookie tackle players begin to learn the fundamental of blocking and tackling.  Play is 9 man football and played on a smaller 80 yard field while limiting defensive rushing.  This allows players to focus on executing their assignments and offensive plays to develop.  Teams play 50% of their games at home and 50% against non-MGYFA opponents in the LMAA.

7th-8th Grade: Senior Tackle $299

Our most advanced tackle offering is 11 man football giving players the closest view of full high-school tackle football.  The main difference is the in-ability of the defense to blitz the quarterback. 


Equipment By Grade

Game jerseys provided for all grades, practice jersey's and helmets also provided for tackle.

1st and 2nd Grade Flag 

  • shorts or pants without pockets
  • mouth guard 
  • cleats recommended

3rd Grade 7v7

  • shorts and t-shirt 
  • soft shell helmet - available first week of practice for $40 unless you already have one
  • mouth guard 
  • cleats recommended

4th - 8th Tackle 

  • black football pants
  • shoulder pads 
  • mouth guard 
  • cleats


Feed for

Trusted Coaches 

As we kick-off the season, know your athletes are in good hands.  Our coaches do a great job as volunteers developing our players. 

To ensure the best experience for players, parents and coaches, we have engaged Trusted Coaches to ensure all our Coaches are: 



1. USA Football Certified;

2. Pass a National background check;

3. Have updated concussion training;

4. Have completed the "Positive Coaching Alliance" Dual Goal Coaching Course.

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