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4/10 Spring Flag Football Coaches Meeting
4/14 First Day of Spring Flag Football
4/15 Fall Tackle and Flag Registration Opens
4/16 - 6/6 Spring Football Performance Program Powered by N1
Week of 7/15 Fall Tackle Coaches Meetings
7/24 Fall Registration Closes
7/30 - 8/1 MGYFA Summer Football Camp
8/5 Player Evaluations at Fernbrook Field (4th - 8th Grade)
8/6 - 8/9 Team Formations & Notification TACKLE
8/10 - 8/11 Helmet Checkout
8/12 First Day of Practice - TACKLE (4th - 8th Grade)
8/19 LMAA Weigh Ins - TACKLE at Fernbrook Fields
8/22 First Day of FLAG (1st - 3rd Grade)
8/24 Last Chance Weigh Ins - TACKLE (Location TBD)
8/26 - 8/28 First Games - TACKLE
9/2 - 10/7 Scheduled Saturday Games TACKLE AND FLAG

All football activities are on as scheduled.

Last Update: 8/24/2023

Trusted Coaches 

As we kick-off the season, know your athletes are in good hands.  Our coaches do a great job as volunteers developing our players. 

To ensure the best experience for players, parents and coaches, we have engaged Trusted Coaches to ensure all our Coaches are: 



1. USA Football Certified;

2. Pass a National background check;

3. Have updated concussion training;

4. Have completed the "Positive Coaching Alliance" Dual Goal Coaching Course.

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Sponsored by N1 Motion

N1 Motion

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MGYFA would like to thank its Official Training Partner, N1 Motion, for conducting our Player Evaluations for Grades 4 - 8.

N1 Motion is a fitness and performance gym that provides comprehensive training solutions. Whether you are a competitive athlete, fitness enthusiast, or just someone who values living an active lifestyle, their programs and services will meet your needs so you can get tangible results to  reach your goals faster!


MGYFA will not take friend requests into consideration when creating team rosters. We will align students from the same schools into the same teams, however we aren't able to guarantee that all kids from each school will be aligned to a single team. One of the goals of MGYFA program is to have our athletes build relationships with their future teammates, and combining teams with players from other schools is a way to help the kids build these new friendships. Since MGYFA Flag practices are all in the same location and scheduled at the same time, carpooling for practices is not an issue.


We are also not able to honor Coach Requests or Coaching Partnership requests. Depending on the number of coaches, and the schools that their children are aligned with, we may need to break them apart in order to have qualified coaches overseeing each of our teams.  Our objective is to ensure that we have a great experience for all of our players and we are focusing on building a successful Maple Grove Youth Football program and not individual flag football teams.