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Spring Football Home



Please be advised that we attempted to match all friend requests when possible. CORE4 Requests and Reciprocated Friend Requests (where both players requested each other) were given priority. Non-reciprocated friend requests may not have been able to be honored due to team formation requirements.


All football activities are on as scheduled.

Last Update: 8/24/2023


All players who sign up will be placed on a team, and we will honor friend requests when applicable. In an attempt to secure experienced coaches, we are also offering a unique opportunity where a parent/coach can bring in up to three additional players to their team through our CORE 4 Registration if they commit to coaching a team.

INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION – Individual Players will be placed on a team within their age group. We will accept friend requests and will try to honor those requests whenever possible*.

CORE 4 COACH REGISTRATION – If you sign up as a coach, you can bring up to 3 additional players onto your team. Coaches will sign up their child under the CORE 4 Registration, and will be able to identify up to three other players that will be aligned to your team. The individuals you outline in your CORE 4 must also list your child's name as their Friend Request in their Individual Registration to guarantee that they will be placed on your team. All three of the players who are identified in the Core 4 must be eligible for the age division that the coach’s child is registered for. 

CORE 4 PLAYER REGISTRATION - If you sign up as part of a CORE 4 Registration and are not the coach, you will register as an individual and name the Coach’s child as your Friend Request. The Coach's registration on CORE 4 will list the names of  all four players they want to add to their team. The CORE 4 Registration that the coach submits must match the players friend request to guarantee that you will be placed on that team.

*We will not honor “Spider Web” friend requests where multiple friend requests are overlapped in an attempt to circumvent team formation goals.

COMPETITIVE BALANCE - This is a very short season, and we do not have the time to perform talent evaluations for team formations. The teams are formed randomly, and even the CORE 4 teams will have individuals placed with them to complete rosters. We will try to monitor each team's performance and make sure to match up teams to keep games competitive when applicable, but that is not always possible.


DATES - Our season is tentatively scheduled to start April 14th (weather permitting) and will run through May 19th (weekend prior to Memorial Day). If our teams do not play at least 5 games due to weather cancelations or delays, we may attempt (but can't guarantee) to use June 2nd as a make-up day based upon field availability.

The Spring Football League will be broken up into 5 Age Divisions:

VARSITY DIVISION - 7th and 8th Grade


GOLD DIVISION - 3rd and 4th Grade

CRIMSON DIVISION - Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

Crimson Division will be split into an EAST and WEST sub-division based upon experience and football knowledge. One will spend more time focusing on basics and fundamentals while the other will be a bit more advanced for those who have football experience. All Kindergartners will be placed in the beginner level group.

PRACTICE AND GAMES - Games will be held each Sunday during the season with coaches holding pre-game practices at their discretion prior to game times. No sanctioned practices are allowed outside of a one hour window prior to the scheduled weekly game time. Specific game schedules will be released as field availability is announced. 

FORMAT - We play a 5 on 5 Flag game on a 40 yard field. This is a low pressure league, and we encourage coaches to give the kids as much autonomy as they can. We obviously want coaches much more involved with teaching football strategy and skills at the Crimson Level, but want the kids to have the opportunity to increase their level of input for play calling and in-game strategy at each ascending level, to the point that we encourage our Varsity Division teams to have their coaches merely watch from the sidelines and assist in rotations while the players manage the game themselves.

GAME LOCATIONS - MGYFA is providing the administration and oversight to this Spring Flag Football Program on behalf of the City of Maple Grove and the Maple Grove Parks and Recreation Department. Unlike our Fall Football Season, MGYFA does not have exclusive rights to Fernbrook Fields in the Spring, and as a result we will need to utilize other facilities within the City of Maple Grove, which could include Fernbrook Fields, the Dome Turf at Maple Grove High School, Maple Grove Middle School and the new Gleason Fields complex. The City of Maple Grove is responsible for our Field Assignments.

GAME DAY OFFICIALS - We utilize High School aged kids as our referees, most of whom are in the Maple Grove Football program. 

UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT - We will provide all players a jersey and flag set, and each team with one football. Every player must provide their own mouth guard, and football cleats are recommended but not required (molded spikes only, no metal). No metal jewelry, watches or wearable technology (anything with metal or hard plastic) are allowed. Silicon or braided fabric bracelets/necklaces are OK.


The first round of jerseys will be ordered on February 26, any cancellations after that time will be charged for the cost of the jersey as they are personalized.

No refunds are allowed after team formation.