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Helmet FAQ

Frequently Asked Quesitons about the 2012 MGYFA Helmet Program


What type of Helmets will MGYFA be providing?

MGYFA will be providing a combination of both new and recently used helmets.  MGYFA is committed to providng helmets that meet or exceed industry standards regarding fit, comfort and safety.  For the 2012 season, SCHUTT will be our primary vendor for new helmets.  We will also have helmets in our inventory from other top manufacturers as well. 


Am I required to use a Helmet from MGYFA?

NO. While we are committed to providing a quality product to our members, if for some reason there is a circumstance where a member wants to provide a specific helmet for their son not offered by us, they are welcome to provide their son a helmet of their own.  Our only reqeust is that it is equal to or greater than the quality we are providing as an organization. 


Why is MGYFA providing helmets?

Below are are some of the reasons MGYFA is providing helmets this upcoming season.  

1.  Player Safety.  Providing helmets that meet and/or exceed industry standards will be one component in minimizing the impact of concussions on our players.

2.  Convenience.  After this season, our members will have one less thing to worry about coming into the season.  Will the helmet I bought last year fit my son?  What do I do if it doesn't?  How much should I spend?  What do I do with all of these helmets my son has used over the years?...  A majority of these concerns should no longer be an issue after this season.

3.  Consistency.  As we mature as an organization, the more consistancy we can have in the product we deliver, the better off the program will be.  This is just one of the areas that the delivery of a consistant product will make things better for the organization and its members as we move forward. 


If my player uses their own helmet this year will I receive a discount?

No; As a new organization, providing helmets for our players is just one of a number of current and future capital expenditures.  Scoreboards, grounds improvements, scholarships and long term storage facilities are just a few of the items that we will need to address in addition to the general operaton of the program as we move forward.  MGYFA is committed to utilizing everything at our disposal to minimize the impact of these expenditures on our members while at the same time ensuring value to our players.