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Equipment Requirements

Equipment - What is Provided, What You Need

Our  program provides top quality new or nearly new helmets to all players in grades 4-8.  If you have your own helmet that you wish to wear you are welcome to do so if it meets industry standards.  All helmets will be white with the MG logo.  Players will also be provided with a jersey which they will have the option to purchase.

Players are to provide pants, shoes, shoulder pads, mouth guards, practice jersey and a protective cup (optional).
Pants: Pants are to be Black in color with no stripes or decorations. Pants should have all standard pads including hip and knee pads.
Shoes: Only molded, one piece cleats, rubber removable cleats or rubber / plastic coated metal spikes are allowed. If using rubber / plastic coated spikes, the shoes must be regularly inspected for wear. Players will not be allowed to participate with shoes with exposed metal.
Shoulder Pads: Only approved football pads. No hockey shoulder pads.
Practice Jerseys: Maroon, Gold, White or Black practice jerseys.  Need to be either plain (NO OTHER TEAM INFO) or MGYFA printed on them (All Star Sports can provide these).


MGYFA has arranged for equipment providers to be on hand to size and purchase ALL of your equipment when you attend our helmet checkout in July.  Watch the calendar for those dates and times.