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Maple Grove Youth Football


2017 Speed and Strength Registration Open

Session Begins January 8th!!

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Winter Speed and Strength is a 19 week progressive training program for middle and high school athletes held at the Maple Grove High School Weight Room.  The off season program is being revamped this year with a focus on individual goal setting and afternoon sessions will be staffed by a professional ETS trainer ensuring effective and safe technique and helping our athletes achieve their individual goals.

It will all begin with and orientation week Jan 8th to teach the core techniques and evaluate and create a custom plan for each athlete.  

What: Crimson Speed and Strength for Maple Grove Senior and Junior High School Students
Dates: January 8th - May 25th = 19 weeks with Spring Break week off.
Time: Current 6th - 8th graders 3:20pm - 4:30pm (19 weeks, 57 days)
Cost: $250 free transportation to MGSH from both Osseo and MG Middle Schools
Where: Mon, Tues, Thurs in MGSH Weight Room

Winter Speed in Strength is Offered in Collaboration with ETS.  Owner Ryan Englebert took some time to answer a few questions about the program and its application to middle School Athletes.

Q: What process is in place to ensure my athlete is learning proper lifting form?

A: We are implementing a comprehensive orientation week to address movement deficiencies and ensure that every athlete is performing the "primary" lift/movement that's best suited for their current mobility/movement limitations.   These movements along with the increasing load will be monitored from week to week and athletes will only advance to the next phase or more advanced movement if the show ideal efficiency and strength/mobility improvement. 

Q: What advantages does this program have for middle school athletes?

A: Middle school is the ideal time to build the foundation for all student athletes.  By learning & mastering the basics at this level will allow for a much higher "performance ceiling" for years to come.   This will ensure all of our athletes are more than ready to hit the ground running by the time they hit high school.  It's highly beneficial for injury prevention (short and long term) to be a part of a structured strength training program while in PEAK growth years.   

Q: Will the same structured goal setting and individual custom program used in the High School Session be applied to the 6-8th grade level?

A: Absolutely- we'll be setting goals, expectations with all of our student athletes from grades 6 on up. Obviously our training methodology and movements will vary based on age and ability level, however all athletes will experience a customized program geared towards improving their goals and needs.  


Trusted Coaches 

As we kick-off the season, know your athletes are in good hands.  Our coaches do a great job as volunteers developing our players. 

To ensure the best experience for players, parents and coaches, we have engaged Trusted Coaches to ensure all our Coaches are: 



1. USA Football Certified;

2. Pass a National background check;

3. Have updated concussion training;

4. Have completed the "Positive Coaching Alliance" Dual Goal Coaching Course.

2017 Practice Times & Field Locations

*Updated 5th and 2nd Grade Locations*

Practice Times 

6:00 – 8:00      August 15th – August 31st (M, T, W, R)

6:00 – 7:45      September 5th - September 21st (M, T, R)

5:30 – 7:15      September 25th - end of season (M, T, R)

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