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Safety & the game of Football

What is MGYFA doing about Safety?

With registration for football upon us, some parents may be concerned with the prospect of their child playing this great sport in the fall.  Check out some of the things we have done and continue to do to help make an informed decision:

1. MGYFA requires concussion training and certification from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) for ALL coaches.  This training is similar to the training and certification that other sports (lacrosse, baseball, basketball, fast pitch softball, soccer, hockey, etc.) require. 

2. MGYFA provides properly sized and fitted helmets to all players in the organization.  The majority of these helmets were purchased new while many others were donated to our group.  The donated helmets have been certified as acceptable for use by our Schutt / Riddell helmet representative.  When helmets are issued each year they are properly fitted with the assistance of MGYFA’s helmet representative.  Each year the helmets are inspected and repaired if possible otherwise, they are discarded.  All helmets are retired after seven years.

3. MGYFA requires that each coach is USA Football certified.  This training covers many aspects of the game including proper tackling techniques, blocking, practice planning, etc.  This is the same certification used and endorsed by the NCAA and the NFL.

4. MGYFA has an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) at ALL practices and games as a precautionary measure.

5. All coaches must complete and pass a criminal background check prior to the season starting.

6. All coaches attend mandatory coaches meetings with the High School coach where age appropriate drills and practice plans are discussed among other coaching goals for each grade level.

7. Head coaches are selected via an application and interview process if necessary along with several other required steps. 

8. MGYFA plays within the LMAA rules.  The rules are designed to help promote a safe game while promoting education and equitable playing time.