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The Maple Grove Youth Football Association

The Maple Grove Youth Football Association (MGYFA) is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to offering young people in grades 2 through 8 an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of football, the value of teamwork and to have fun doing it. The program has been designed, with parents' help, to contribute to the development of the young person's:

  • Sense of Achievement;
  • Leadership Skills;
  • Positive Self-Image;
  • Social Skills;
  • Sense of Teamwork; and
  • Appreciation For What The Body Can Do.

We are committed to providing an opportunity for as many children as possible to participate in football under the rules of the league. 

The Maple Grove Youth Football Association is a member of the Lake Minnetonka Athletic Association (LMAA), a youth football league with participants from Minnetonka, Orono, St. Louis Park, Edina, Hopkins and Wayzata/Plymouth. The LMAA, established in 1961, is the governing body for the league. It is run by a board of directors consisting of representatives from each of the member districts.

The Association is structured so that Maple Grove teams do not play other Maple Grove teams (3rd - 8th grade).  One of the huge advantages we enjoy as part of the LMAA is the sense of local pride and of ONE team that is developed when you do not play each other.  Crosstown rivalries are developed as the particpants mature and move into high school. 

The MGYFA is run by a volunteer board of directors.

Contact Us

Please send correspondences to us at:

Maple Grove Youth Football Association
P.O.Box 2062
Maple Grove, MN 55311

Or Email us at